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    The more I use my super T600 the more I love it!!
    It works like a dream at least for evrything I do. I know some of you power users who are on the phones like a " Bookie trying to get a loan after the Cowboys win. "

    But and someone explain why Handspring did not go with a better display. I know it does not mean very much to some folks But lets face it the display is the #1 you will be using All the time.
    Receiption - some will use the PDA feature more.
    Speed - Some will use the phone feature more etc.

    I have read that the difference in display 160 to 320 does not reduce that much more up more battery time.
    So what is the deal HS?
    And can it be upgraded?
    Who makes these decissions?
    Can we email him?

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    IMHO, Cost, final cost and making it to market in time. If every avenue was met, it would never materilize IMO. I think it's a very well balanced setup, even w/ the screen. It's sharper then the T300 due to the small size I assume.

    The screen is not the best, but it works and works well, so I assume they corrected the other stuff first (non Java scrpit bowser, OS5, MP3 and the rest first).

    I bet the next genreation will have a better screen.

    This is just mu opinion and I am in no way bashing you, just sowing my poiint of view.
    Regards, Matt:shortcut:

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