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    mac g3 500 -- os 9.2 sd card sandisk 256mb. treo 600
    If I select all the mp3'3 (about 100 mp3s) in the root directory of the sd card things seem to work fine until I eject the card and change the contents of the card -- ie add or delete anything. Upon re-insert and launch of ptunes, either the same list shows as being available or an empty play list is showing. If the list does show, and if I select a song or push play --- it hangs up for a second and then soft resets the Treo. If there is no list, I can select playlists, then add, at that point everything is still displays in the root directory, but as soon as I select any or all mp3's ---- they all disappear from the directory --- gone. Even on the Mac with my card reader they are either gone or represented by garbled symbols like these --> ????烮??? ---- . Curiously, in the info section it still shows that my card is full though no files are viewable or usable. The only cure seems to be reformatting the card and starting all over loading the card again. ---- I have duplicated this problem a half a dozen times without fail --- same thing. Needless to say, it is unacceptable. I have informed ptunes. --- no reply as of yet

    anybody else have this problem? Ideas?

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    What sampling rate did you use to rip the MP3s ? I had a similar priblem, but reducing the sampling rate to 256 from 320 seemed to resolve my issues.
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    I had similar issues when I used my card reader. Now, I've been using Hot Sync instead to transfer the MP3's to the card. It's slower, but since I've been doing that, my 512mb SanDisk card works flawlessly.

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