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    I don't think I disagree with you that much, but the writing is on the wall. The standardization is certainly getting more widespread. It's just a matter of time until we see things change. I've seen comments from folks in Europe who don't understand why we have locked GSM and contracts in the US. Europe is already in a place where people pretty much buy any GSM phone and just have at it. Data services make it a little more complex, but those problems are largely solved. Witness the fact that I used the SingTel GPRS upgrade on T-Mo and it worked just fine.

    It's gonna happen. We're pretty close already. With Wireless being so popular in places like India and China where there is relatively little wireline service, the standarization is accelerating. I don't think the carriers will have much business selling handsets in the coming years.
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    Actually, as I think about it, it is not at all obvious why the wireless phone system could not go to an internet model,

    The financial issues are largely who pays for the towers and packet network etc. The model for this already exists in the phone system (wired). I fund it hard to believe that the costs fo maintaining a wireless network are that much higher than the costs of running fiber *** copper to every house in the nation.

    So, just for arguement case, suppose the hardware/software network costs are $10/consumer. I can nto see whu the costs beyond that would be higher than the costs of an ISP like AOL.
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    Originally posted by Stevesm
    Actually, as I think about it, it is not at all obvious why the wireless phone system could not go to an internet model,
    There are radio capacity issues. I don't know the technical specifics, but a given amount of radio spectrum can only support so much traffic with given technology. My understanding of the internet model is new people can add on at any time and money is used to add capacity. A free for all wireless system couldn't just add radio spectrum if it all gets used up. Maybe someday soon some new technology will make concerns about radio spectrum capacity obsolete. But for now your stuck with the carriers and their government licenses to use radio.
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    I have to say that if you're in the position to be frustrated by a delay in your opportunity to spend $600 for a new cell phone, that overall your life must be in pretty good shape, so be happy about that. There are so many problems worse than this.
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    I think you misunderstand how the internet works.

    The internet itself is a large, exapandable network able to handel encoded packages of data identified with a sender and a recipient. Entry into that network occurs through a set of relatively narrow pipes, the finest of which is the wire or wirelss ID from your router. The router's work is packaged at several levels, most notably the iSP, beofre getting into the network.

    Simialry a cell phone has an ID, the data comes in from a local cnnection and ends up in an internet structure.

    In both systems there is a limit in bandwidth at the local access. So, for my PC, thta limit is my router and for the cell phone the limit is the cell tower. There is no obvious reason why a cell tower would be limited in the number of identitiesit could hold anymore than there is a limit to the number of inputs to my ISP. The cell tower does have to ahave a number of identities it can handle, but there is no reason that one can not have more otwers .. anymore than a DSL or cable network needs to be limited.

    Indeed, awhile ago AT&T considered competeing with local phone companies (return of the monster?) by going wireless to replace copper wires.
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