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    It seems like the t600 resets everytime you access the sd card (e.g. play mp3's etc.) and then eject the card.....Does anyone else have this problem???? I have a 256 mb Sandisk card.
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    You likely have software that isn't playing nice.

    The best thing i can suggest is to hotsync and back everything up. Then Hard reset and start adding programs back one at a time and verifying functionality. You should be able to see which program ends up causing the problems.

    If you don't want to do this you may want to verify that all your software is up to date and the most current stable version.
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    it was Launch em.....damn I really like that Launcher too....Hey which Launcher do you use that is t600 friendly??
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    zLauncher. It rocks.

    I've changed my 5-way so that the left button now points to zLauncher instead of Applications. The only thing that can be confusing initially is that you need to press the center button once you're in zLauncher to put the focus on the first icon in the tab.

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