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    Is anyone else having problems with entering text into text fields (e.g., doing a Google search) with EudoraWeb on a Treo 600? Whenever I try to do this the words "Direct access to field->text no allowed" (including the misspelling of "not") appear automatically in the text field! Weird. I've seen a few other references on the web to people having exactly the same problem (I found them by doing a Google search for "Direct access to field->text no allowed").
    I'm using the latest version of EudoraWeb (2.1), but I also tried loading an older version and had the same problem. By the way, I use EudoraWeb because it is (or was) awesome!-- the fastest way on earth for mobile access to text on the web.
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    I've had this problem too. Thought it was the site I was on, but it may be eudora. Haven't had time to figure a work around. Any takers???

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