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    I have a white spot on my screen. Just appeared today. Looks like a burned in spot or something. I didn't do anything that would have caused it that I know if. Anyone have any ideas about this?


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    Yah today i just got that spot on my screen, i dont know what could of cause it??
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    I have one too... plan to exchange the phone when I have time.

    My spot is just below the right middle part of the screen (actually a little lower than middle).
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    Me too.. I've been leaving it in the cheesy case lately too!

    It's not horrible, I deal, for now... not like they'd have a new one to send me anyway, right?
    -Treo 600 on Sprint
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    Bump.. mine's just lower left or center...
    -Treo 600 on Sprint
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    bump.. anyone else?
    -Treo 600 on Sprint
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    Yup. Me too. I posted on this several weeks ago. As long as it doesn't get worse, I'll live with it. A replacement would probably have it, too.
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    I don't have the spot, but I don't want to get it either... do you use a case with your Treo 600 other than the one that came in the box (which is all I'm using...) I'm think that a 3rd party case might help?

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