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    Probably a mute point at this moment in time since I am still waiting endlessly for the GSM T600, but ...

    What if I don't like the T600 when I get it? Can I return it?

    I plan to get my 600 from HS directly with the upgrade program.

    Would anyone want to venture a guess at what the return policy would be, considering that the consumer (me) dosen't get a chance to actually push a few buttons before he makes the purchase?

    Any experiences with the T270 ??

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    Moot, not mute (sorry, pet peeve)

    But, to answer the question, this is what Handspring's Web site says:

    "If you purchased your product directly from Handspring, you may return it at your expense within 30 days from shipment as long as it is in good condition. We will refund the purchase price of your product (including tax). Your original shipping and handling costs will not be refunded. Service subscriptions and software products may not be returned. For Treo smartphones and VisorPhone, please note that each service carrier has its own cancellation policy-usually 14 days from activation. Be sure to contact your carrier or review its terms and conditions for specific details, since the service cancellation period may not coincide with Handspring's return policy. "

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