I have just recieved my Treo 600 in Australia. I wanted a combo USB Hotsync and Charger cable. As no accessories for the Treo600 have made it dowunder yet I read as much as I could and everywhere I look they stated that the Treo 270, 300 and 600 all have the Hotsync/Charge connector. So I went and bought a Treo 300 cable and it is definitely NOT the same. My Treo has a straight connector but there are little ridges and grooves in the outside edge of the connector. The Treo 300 cable I have does not have these ridges and grooves and it simply does not fit.

I am happy to buy another cable, I was looking at the retractable one on Treocentral but I just want to make sure it works before I ship it all the way to Australia.