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    I am hoping there are some golfers out there familiar with Intelligolf. I have been using it for about 3 years on many different devices. I have found a problem with the Treo 600 and wondered if anyone knew how I could solve the issue. Intelligolf is a great golf statistics/bet tracking software program that you use while golfing. Everything is working perfectly EXCEPT...........there is a line of numbers that appears on the screen - you just use your stylus to tap the number to record a score or stat. That number line IS NOT responding to the stylus. The score or stat has to be manually entered using the keypad which is a pain while playing golf. Intelligolf has said they will look in to it, but who knows how long that will take. Any Ideas?????
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    For you golfers out there that love Intelligolf like I do, I am happy to report that Intelligolf fixed the bug. They said it had something to do with the Treo, but they emailed me a patch and it is up and running perfectly. Go to their website ( and email their tech support email address. They responded within a couple of hours with the patch. It works great! Hit em straight!
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    Thanks for getting Intelligolf to fix the program. I noticed this last week and sent in a bug report to them. Unfortunately, I haven't heard from them. Would you be willing to send me the patch or post a link to it? That way the rest of the world can get in on this fix.

    By the way, I like being able to read the display without a lot of squinting when I am outside on the golf course. The Treo 600 is definitely much more readable outdoors.

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    I had the trouble you had with the number not working, but gave up. Just went back to using intelligolf on my t 600, updated for t 600 and the numbers on the screen work now. Much easier to use.

    On the other hand, I can not wireless download courses like I could on T600. Sent e mail to intelligolf last night. Anyone else having this solution. I downloaded 7 courses for a trip to my laptop and then synced. That worked but I don't always remember to download to laptop before getting to a new local course.

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    The 7.05 version of Intelligolf addresses the wireless download problem. This is a free upgrade. I suggest that you go to Intelligolf to get it.
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    Has anybody tried to use Intelligolf without the Stylus? It seems the keyboard works to enter numbers, but it does tab to the next golfer or entering your putts.

    If you use the numbers on the screen it will tab to the next player, but not with the keyboard.

    Also, I have the Palm OS version birdie edition 7.05 (which I had previous purchased before I got my Treo 600). Does the Treo version work any better? I don't see a way to change to this version.
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    I have used intelligolf for the past 3 years and have had to contact their tech support a few times and have always found them to be more then willing to resolve problems, the last time was when I moved from a visor to the Treo the numbers on screen would not work, they sent me a unlock code for the lastest version FOC within 3 hours. V impressed

    I have also suggested a few improvements, which they are testing at the mo, so hopefully i will have had some input into the next release

    I know the 5 way does not work as it should and you cannot move using the keyboard, Intelligolf are aware of these bugs and are working on it.

    Now all we need is GPS SD
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    Any advice on a program that has course maps as well?
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    Not that I know of. I suggested to Intelligolf (IG) that if you could scan a yardage/course book and import it in to the courses section of in IG it would save you that hassle of remembering the booklet, and some time down the road possibly adding the route the ball took from tee to pin. Would be cool with a GPS enabled unit as well.

    Or an app within IG that allowed the drawing of the holes, you could then go out on the course and digitise the course features for each hole with the GPS

    I'm going to email IG support and ask them to have a look at this thread they might be interested in some of the ideas we come up with.

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    Hello folks;

    Dave Middleton just sent us and email asking if we could join into the thread on IntelliGolf and discuss GPS and course maps. I would be glad to respond.

    As you probably know, we just released IntelliGolf 7.0 (now 7.05) that includes support for GPS, Bluetooth, etc, etc, (see for more details so that I don't bore you :-). Basically, you can now download any of our 18,500 digital scorecards to your handheld including GPS coordinates (as available). If the course has a "satellite icon" next to it, within the IntelliCouse database (, then an IntelliGolf user has already Surveyed and uploaded the GPS coordinates for this course. The "Survey" function is included in the GPS section in IntelliGolf and allows you to tap on the Record button when you're at the 200, 150, 100 yard/meter markers, front, center, and back of green, and any of three Custom points that you want to record per hole (e.g. creek, lake, tree, etc). You can see more about this in the IntelliGolf Quick Start Tours located at This allows the GPS data, including the digital scorecard, to be stored (and eventually downloaded back to our users) in under 5Kb. That compares to some research we did on storing and downloading full course maps that can take 100Kb (actually up to 400Kb). For now, we decided to go with the 5Kb approach to save our IntelliGolf users time and $ in wireless download fees.

    In addition, you might have also seen that most (if not all) of the other gps golf software companies charge up to $19.95 per course download. This is basically because they either need to 1) Survey the course themselves for accuracy reasons (a big cost to the company), or 2) buy aerial photographs of the course and then digitize them into their database (another big cost to the company), or 3) have found that the submitted course maps from their users would look like the course maps that I would draw (you don't even want to see those...). We decided to continue to provide course downloads for free by taking the "virtual sprinkler head" approach (as I call it) whereby our users get GPS distance data from the Tee Box, or anywhere on the hole, to significant target points (as listed above). Based upon everyone's continued contributions to the DB, we plan on continuing to offer this service for free to our IntelliGolf users.

    On course maps, I've discussed the size, accuracy, and cost issues above. Hopefully that has addressed the previous thread(s) questions. If not, please let me know. I also saw the suggestion that we should allow course yardage books to be scanned in and uploaded (and/or stored) in, or to, IntelliGolf. Personally, I would love to see us do this. Unfortunately, doing this violates US and International copyright laws. As yardage book's are considered "creative works", fines can amount to $100,000 in statutory damages, in addition an award of actual damages, and attorneys fees, for every occurance. That's a lot of $. I have already had our attorneys look into this for us :-(.

    Now, on the good news front. One of the leading GPS companies (still under NDA with us) is just about to release a GPS data sampling product that captures thousands of GPS data points per minute. This may provide a way for IntelliGolfers to automatically survey and store thousands of GPS coordinate points for each hole, as the golfer walks down the course. Again, if our IntelliGolf users can accurately do this without our involvement (and are willing to invest in the GPS sampling device), then our free download service can continue to be free for all IntelliGolfers to share.

    I hope that has provided you with some insights into what we've been doing with regard to GPS and course maps over the past year. We will surely keep our eyes open for alternatives that will allow us to keep course downloads free, course size small, and download times low. If you have any other suggestions or thoughts, you are surely welcome to send those to me directly. My contact information is below. Note: I'm just signed on as jsnyder (to expedite my response to you) since she already had an account on TreoCentral. Thanks again for everyones support and encouragement. We'll do our best to continually improve IntelliGolf for you.

    Have a Great Round!

    Craig Schmidt
    Karrier Communications
    IntelliGolf, IntelliSwim and IntelliTimer
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    The latest upgrade to Intelligolf 7.1 allows easy one handed use of the Treo 600. The 5-way controller scrolls between holes and the key pad numbers enter strokes and putts. If the number of strokes starts with a "1" it knows to stay in the field and wait for the next digit. Otherwise, the cursor advances automatically. There are also some unspecified enhancements to the sidegame feature. As far as I can tell, there is just one little bug left. I'm not saying what it is. This is a great program and I recommend it to all golfers. The only problem is that I always end up being the one to keep score while my playing partners get to relax.


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    Anyone have the email address for intelligolf support? (website is blocked by corp filter)
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    Go Home, Products and Visor and Treo on left side. I just bought the update for treo 600 and it looks like it fixed thethings that needed fixing--like being able to wireless download a course.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjennings
    Anyone have the email address for intelligolf support? (website is blocked by corp filter)
    here you go:

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