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    just curious to know if anyone has pics of the t600 side by side with an O2 xda (old version) or a P800

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    I've owned both the XDA and P800. The XDA was too wide for my tastes to use as a cell phone. The T600 and the P800 are very very close in size, I would say that the p800 was just a bit more narrow but other than that...pretty close.
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    thx for the post afrocreame ...

    i would guess that when u say that the 600 is close to the p800, you do not count the antenna of the 600 ..

    so the thickness is the same as well?
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    i've got a p800, and i'd say that they're roughly the same, excluding the antenna on the 600, which i played around with at the mission sf event...keep in mind that the p800 is actually lighter in the hand, basically weighs less, and also keep in mind that the new p900 is even slimmer and smaller than both...
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    Thanks for the information.

    Good catch on the P900 - i understand that it is lighter than the p800 as well.

    Seriously guys, I'm sitting here waiting for this silly GSM 600 and REALLY - the only two things keeping me here are:

    1) T600 thumboard - although the p900 features and size are starting to take hold on me.

    2) Price - I have an old t300 and if HS ever launches the t600 and IF they decide to offer the upgrade program, them i'm in - if they don't ...

    Later guys

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