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    Correct me if Im wrong but did not the 300 come packaged with a basic datebook? I cant find it on the 600. I tried to add a new contact today to my new 600 and realized "Where do I put it, and how do I browse my loaded contacts?" . Thanks for any input.
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    It's there. From the phone app, press down on the five-way and voila!
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    Thank you so much...
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    Err...that's "Address Book" not "Date Book." The date book is your calendar. Unless everyone in your address book are people that you've dated, in which case I could understand the confusion.

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    FWIW, I imagine that this was covered in the OWNERS MANUAL!

    And if you're too lazy to read that, surely you're not too lazy to explore your device and press some buttons? Especially the pretty self-explanatory ones such as "Contacts." Or the one on the front of the machine with the picture of the CALANDER!
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    a COLANDER? oh, nevermind, i guess you meant calendar.

    (Don't mind me, I'm just a long suffering 270/T-Mo user still waiting on the GSM version....)

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    That's it. I'm definitely out of here until I get my GSM Treo600.

    I know, I know, I said this before already. This waiting game also fried my brain.

    Next week I will be normal again!!
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