After a week and a half of waiting my Treo 600 finally arrived yesterday. Upgrading and hotsyncing my old documents, apps, and records from my Treo 300 went without a hitch thanks to the tips on this board.

The past 24 hours have simply been amazing. Exploring all the little options and tricks of this wonderful machine have done nothing but solidify my belief that this is by far the best Smart Phone I have ever come across. It integrates all it's functions seamlessly. Being in business for myself, to be able to just carry one device instead of a utility belt of gadgets is a godsend. Wrap that up in a sleek and usable form factor like the T600 and WOW is all I can say =D

Yes the camera could be better ... but that's not what I bought it for. Yeah the talk time is "only' 4 hours ... do i really want to talk that long on the phone anyway? "It doesn't have graffiti" ... yes it does with some optional software. I use 'Graffiti Anywhere' it's designed for use on the T600 AND it's FREE. "No bluetooth ... no WIFI!" ... just wait a little and someone will come out with an upgrade.

So it's not perfect ... but man this is the closest thing to that, in my opinion at least! Let's not forget the fact that it's just sooooooo damn cool and what a conversation starter =D.

Oh yeah ... I almost forgot ... the sweetest thing about it all ... I got it for $50. CAN'T BEAT THAT!!!!!

By the way, if I didn't get an email linking me to my free copy of Pocket Tunes, how and who do I contact at Handspring? I'll appreciate the help. Enjoy