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    The battery icon on my 600 showed 100% (all filled). I beamed an application to my Treo 300. All of a sudden the 600 reset and said the battery was empty I looked at the battery icon and sure enough it was empty. Has anyone seen this problem?
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    Originally posted by rotorwash
    Has anyone seen this problem?
    Yes. We have also seen the search feature for these message boards.

    A soft reset seems to seems to kind of "refresh" the battery indicator. I'm curious if anyone has had this happen again after doing a reset?
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    I had the same problem earlier in the week, did a reset, and I'm now watching to see if it happens again.

    I did notice that the soft reset wiped out my bookmarks in the browser. I didn't have many but was bummed to lose them. Is this supposed to happen?

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