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    So, I know I deserve misery for traveling without a hot sync cable. That said, for the 2nd time in 3 days, my Treo 600 has seemingly randomly self-erased stripping all data, applications and settings. This is particularly miserable because I'm on the road without a sync cable and, after several trips to various places (I'm in West Virginia to answer your next question), I realize I'm screwed until I get home late tomorrow night.

    That said...two questions. First, has anyone else experience a total data loss? What the heck is causing this? My guess is a defective unit, but any insight would be appreciated.

    Next, seeing that a sync is seemingly out of the question (my laptop doesn't have an IR port), does anyone know if any e-mail client can be downloaded directly to the unit. Navigating through both the Sprint Software Portal from the T600 and the Handrspring Software portal, I was unable to find a single application using key words such as Snappermail, E-mail, Mail, Eudora and a few others.

    I know it's pathetic that I can't go 24 hours without mobile e-mail, but have sympathy, it's an addiction. Help.
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    Type ##377 into your Treo and then Dial button. This will tell you what is crashing. Delete the offender.

    Regarding email, you could sign up online using for web based pop email.
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    Thanks for the reply. After your suggestion, it actually said that there were no errors. Not sure what to make of that.

    As for gophermail, that allows me to check pop3 but doesn't actually serve as a client on the Treo, right?

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    when don't you back up to an SD Card???????? small investment with big return.
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    Are you using the Treo 300 car charger perchance? If you wiggle this baby a little when connecting, you can lose all your data. Go get a Handspring charger instead. The old freebie from Sprint with Treo 300 one is junk.
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    Thanks for all the responses. No, I wasn't using a 300 charger - just happened rather randomly, not connected to everything.

    Thanks for the gopherking suggestion - obviously not a great substitute for Snapper, but got me through today with flying colors.

    Learned my lesson and have already backed up to an SD card and to a second PC.


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