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    i received my treo 600 today with hardware version C and the earpieace in the phone unit is faulty!!

    is anyone else having any issues with their earpieces (hardware versions A, B or C)??


    p.s. i just registered here but i have been a guest viewer for a long time..
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    They're all pretty bad. I have rev "C" (not sure it makes any difference) and called customer support to *****. They are sending a new ear bud out which will rattle as well, I'm sure.

    My Jabra sounds fine but I have an old one without a pick-up button.

    HS sent me a $10 certificate so I snagged the "performance" earbud off their sight. We'll see.


    Bob Duckworth
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    thanks for the reply! i was referring to the actual earpiece INSIDE the phone unit ( the one you are supposed to hear the other person from when you hold the treo to your head!).

    anyone having any issues with the internal earpiece?!

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    Mine is clear as bell. How does it sound right after a hard reset? 3rd party apps might be interfering. Try it before installing anything.
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    as stupid as this may sound, i did not even think of doing a hard reset as a solution.. i will try that now and update this thread!!
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    i did soft reset - problem persists
    i did hard reset - problem persists

    i guess i am the only lucky one to get a faulty treo 600, at least everything else is fully functional and i am in love with this device..

    anyone else have any ideas/suggestions or have this problem?!

    always searching for the light..
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    Sorry for the confusion. My reading skills have fallen a notch.

    Hope you figure it out. There were some earlier reports of rattling speakers though, so some units may in fact be defective.

    Bob Duckworth
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    its all good.. i called sprint and they are sending me a replacement even though i directly ordered from handspring.. have to wait another 5 business days for a fully functional treo 600
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    I ordered from Handsoring and just had a problem with my Treo. Sprint sent me a new one. They said it will take 5 business days but it actually only took 2 business days (got it today).

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