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    When I synced the 600 the first time, it installed several apps on it. Some of these were pretty easy to figure out, like the SplashID, SplashShopper, SplashMoney, and the Zap! game.

    But I still don't know exactly what the "DocsToGo" program does, as it appears to do absolutely nothing if you try to open it on the Treo. I assume it will only come into play if you receive an Excel or Word file as an email attachment, but even then, I don't know what it will do or how you use it?!?

    Then I see that there are even more .PRC programs that got copied to the PC from the Treo install CD, but that didn't automaticall install themselves to the Treo. I don't know what any of these are, or what they do, and I hate installing software to the Treo that I don't first know something about.

    For instance, there's SheetToGo.prc and WordToGo.prc. Now, at first glance these sound like they're for doing something with Word and Excel files. But what is different between them and the DocsToGo program that DID get loaded, and why would I want (or not want) them installed?

    Then there's SS_P2P.prc. Can't tell at all from this name what the thing is. I opened it using a text editor on the PC, and can find some strings in it that make it sound like this is also related to doing something with Excel files, but again, how do I know what it does for sure, and if it is Excel related, how is it better/different than the DocsToGo or SheetToGo program?

    And likewise, the WP_P2P.prc file looks to be MS Word related, but what is it?

    Seems weird that all this stuff is available for me to load (or loaded itself automatically) but nothing really tells me what the programs are or how to use them?!? Note that I'm at work as I type this, so I don't have the Sprint CD that came with the Treo handy to look at...maybe there is some explaination on there that I missed the first time. But I'd like to know for sure what all these programs are before I start messing around with them.
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    Note that I can tell what all the games are, so I'm not really worried about those files! Just all these others, that seem to be iteration upon iteration of things to somehow handle MS Office files.

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