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    Finally ordered my 600

    I'm going to ebay my T300 (I just bought it two months ago). I got a warranty through Staples (extended two years). Does anyone know if the warranty is transferable? I may need to call them. I would love to sell it as part of the package.

    Also I bought the Targus Wireless Keyboard and it works great with the 300, but I've been reading where it may not work so good with the 600. Would it be best to try to sell a package deal (i.e. 300, warranty & keyboard) for a higher price or do you think I would do better to break the keyboard down and sell it as a seperate auction (by better I mean do you think I'd get more money - it's brand new too - only used twice)?

    I really want the HS keyboard for the 600 anyway - it looks much better!
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    Wanna good tip?

    I sold mine in one day for 225 (only like 2 days ago too), very simple and much sexier.

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