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    Saw that these went up recently, at least in the US...

    Covertec Cases for Treo 600

    Anybody know if the vertical style one with the open face has plastic over the opening? From the close-up picture, it looks like it does...
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    I emailed them several weeks ago about this. They said it does have plastic over the front (click on the pic on the far right and you can see it). I am looking for a case like this without plastic over the screen and buttons. I like their clip system, tho.
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    This is the case I've been watching but I'm wondering if anyone can tell me about how their clip works.

    It almost looks like you need two hands to remove the phone from the clip as the two sides appear to have to be pushed in to release it then the other hand would pull out the phone?

    I'm just going by the photo but would like to hear from anyone who has used their clip. I've been used to the clips where one finger/thumb pushing down does the releasing so the rest of the hand can grasp and remove the unit.
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    Does anyone know if the horizontal case exposes the headphone jack?
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    Originally posted by authentication
    Does anyone know if the horizontal case exposes the headphone jack?
    I was wondering that too. From the pics, it's kinda hard to tell but it looks like it doesn't.
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    I e-mailed Covertec about this very issue; my question to them:

    "Can you access the headphone jack without having to take off the case?"

    Their response:

    "Thank you for choosing Covertec. Yes, you have a full access to all functions."
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    I tried placing an order on the Mobileplanet site, and they don't expect to ship until 11/17. They're evidently waiting for their first shipment, and this is at best the soonest they'll be stocking it. Does anyone know whether another distributor has the Covertec cases in stock, or whether it's possible to order directly from the manufacturer? I tried a Google search and came up empty.
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    Here is a reply I received from Covertec confirming you can't access the headphone jack while the phone is in the horizontal case.

    Dear Sir,

    Thanks a lot for your mail and the interest you show as regard our products.
    However concerning your request, I am afraid you can't use the hearphone
    while the phone in it's case.
    I hope this element will help you in your choise.
    Our sales support team remains at your disposal and hope to do business with
    you in the future.

    Best regards
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    try - you can buy direct from covertec
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    A couple of questions...

    1) Does this case have a clear vinyl/plastic sheet over the keyboard and screen?

    2) Anyone with first hand experience with both Covertec and Vaja who can comment on the quality of the materials and workmanship by way of comparison???
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    1) Does this case have a clear vinyl/plastic sheet over the keyboard and screen?
    Vinyl/plastic over the keyboard and screen is a very big selling point for me. I've had similar cases for cell phones in the past and the vinyl/plastic has provided necessary protection.

    The close-up picture shows the vinyl/plastic over the keyboard but they don't show a close-up of the screen. I have inquired about this via e-mail and will followup here if I find out more.
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    Originally posted by murrayalex
    try - you can buy direct from covertec
    Not for those of us in the USA. When you select "USA" as your country, it redirects you to the Mobile Planet web site. They must be their exclusive USA distributors.

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    Apparently the horizontal case DOES allow access. This is the e-mail they sent me last night.

    I guess the Covertec case DOES have a cut-out for the headphone jack as evidenced by this e-mail....

    From: "Najet" <>
    To: "mshpall" <>
    Subject: Re: Treo 600 Horizontal Case
    Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 12:54:01 +0100
    X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 6.00.2800.1106

    Dear sir,

    We are pleased to inform you that the case has been designed with a cut out
    for the headset plug.
    Best regards

    ----- Original Message -----
    From: "mshpall" <>
    To: <>; <>
    Sent: Wednesday, November 05, 2003 4:05 AM
    Subject: Treo 600 Horizontal Case

    > Does your horizontal case allow for the headphone to be used while the
    > phone is in the case?
    > In other words, is there a cut-out for the headset plug?
    > Thanks!
    > Mark

    GREAT NEWS (at least for me!)

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