Yesterday I recieved a friendly text message from Sprint saying "Your Sprint PCS service has been turned off. Please make a payment to restore your service". The odd thing was I just got the phone 1 week before and was told I wouldnt see my first bill untill Nov 11th but when the auto-attendant said I owed $185 I knew something was up. Callers were told that the number was "temporarily disconnected" (great when your customers hear that huh) and my phone was disabled from making or recieving calls as well as web access. The funny thing was Snappermail kept on working. Anyway, after spending 43 minutes on hold I was told that it was a "billing glitch" that some people who have been browsing the web have been experiencing quite frequently. The rep restored my service and said that the "glitch was fixed" and that I wont have the problem again. Well 24hrs later the same thing happened again and now I was told "don't browse the web" until we fix it or you will be terminated again. I asked how will I know when you fix it? Will I recieve a text message saying so or will a rep call me? "No sir just try browsing the web again in a few days." OK I will right on over to Verizon on 11/24