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    I've got the Treo 600 and have two email accounts I want to keep together:
    - mobile (orange) for Treo
    - landline on PC, for which I use outlook as the client
    I'd like to be able to use each device to connect to its mail account, but synchronise them so I have a single view of all outgoing and ingoing mail.
    SnapperMail doesn't seem to do outlook synchronisation, so I'm currently trying versamail, which does. However it just overwrites the treo 600 mobile a/c messages with those picked up on the landline on the PC. I asked Palm and they said that the only a/c pushed up to the PC is the outbox, which is useless as thats always emptied out into the orange pop server.
    So whats the solution - how do I have two devices, two pop a/cs, and a single common synced inbox and outbox?

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    Just to understand: when you say "each device", what do you mean? it sounds like you have just 1 Treo 600 - ?
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    One Treo as all one needs!

    Yes, thats one Treo 600 (GPRS to internet) and one laptop (dialup to internet).

    But how to configure the email so have one combined inbox and outbox for aggregate emails?
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    Eudora has a version of it's free e-mail software for the palm os. On the treo 300, You can install the software when you do a hotsync. If I understand correctly how the Treo 600 works, you probably could download it directly to the Treo device.

    Anyway... When you set up an account to work with eudora on the palm, just check off the box that says "Overlap POP3 Commands" on the Send Tab and it should sync the way you wanted it to with outlook. It worked for me..

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    The free Eudora client works fine for basic email. If you want a really robust solution, you may want to check out Snappermail. Well worth the $40.
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    I tried snappermail but it doesn't seem to do any sync-ing with outlook at all, so deleted it.

    I'll check out eudora.

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