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    Well apparently Blazer 2.0 had problems with SSL certificates that were not of a limited set due to the proxy. Since Blazer 3.0 is proxy-less, could it suffer from these same limitations?

    My company uses is own Certificate on a MSN Messenger web server and I can not download the page and get a communication error (The emulator works for the non-SSL version behing the firewall which is identical except it is not using SSL). I wonder if Blazer 3.0 is only limited to certificates from the list in the above link too. If so it really sucks.

    Also does anyone know how e-mail question to HS directly for support? The Treo 600 support tells you to call Sprint for support and we all know they don't know a damn thing about the Treo.
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    On my Treo I get a warning when I go to a site with a self-signed cert, but Blazer will let me proceed and load the page -- similar to the way IE does it.

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