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    Just got my treo600. Putting back on an older copy of SplashPhoto (3.54), the photos don't seem to align right:

    1) I loaded on pics using the desktop app set to 160x160 @ 16bit color. The photo thumbs look fine, but when viewing the 'full size' image, I only get 25% of the image in the lower right corner as if the image is centered in a 320x320 screen?

    2) Loading on pics set to 320x320 @ 16bit produces images that align correctly in the screen, but look "chunky" (because they are scaling down to 160x160. The thumbs are totally messed up and the screen doesn't refresh right as I swap between thumb and list modes -- a lot of hanging artifacts.

    I imagine the splashphoto app "sees" OS5 and just assumes hi-res 320x320 screens or something.

    Anyone seen this... any thoughts or updates? TIA,

    - Ben
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    Try the 4.05 new update.

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