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    I can tell you that the phone support web page on the T-Mobile intranet now lists the Treo 600 as a supported phone. It also says, "currently only available from Handspring." There is not a date listed, but Oct 27th is entirely possible. I guess the CSR reps have access to more information that can be pulled up from a sales computer, so the date people have gotten from customer service could be true.
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    For those interested in the financial side of things the difference betwen "supported by TMobile" and "available from TMobile" is significant.

    For those who simply want a TREO 600 that works on TMobile the difference is insignificant.
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    Called back to HS sales this morning to see if they gave a consistent answer. The guy this morning had his tap dancing shoes on. He started out with the standard "company line" of "in a few weeks", but after I mentioned the T-Mo rumor, he said that it is "possible", but that until the website is updated and the blast e-mail sent out to those who have registered, he would have no way to know for sure.

    I asked again about shipping options and was told that overnight shipping WAS available, but that "in reality, it would be approximately two weeks before the order was fulfilled and shipped." I know that there will be a finite number of units available for the early adopters, but I find it exceedingly hard to believe that it will take that long to process the first wave of orders. At least that is not the way it unfolded for the Sprint users, according to their posts.

    At any rate, Monday should be an exciting day for us! Hopefully our long wait will be over.
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    Just got off the phone with a HS Rep who said she didn't hear anything about the GSM version being released on Monday. She told me that the corporate office has not released any information on the release date.

    When I asked about a release date, she said "a few weeks"
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    So it's hard to say who's right concerning the launch date, but this is what the CSR and many T-Mobile Employees are reading off their internal Intranet...

    Take it for what it's worth...
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    That image from the "Tmobile internal web site" says TMobile is "launching support" of the TREO 600 on October 27th.

    It doesn't say EITHER TMobile OR Handspring will be selling and shipping GSM TREO 600s on the 27th.

    Be careful reading what they're telling you - it is NOT in Handspring's interest to be clear and it IS in Handspring's interest for you to misunderstand.

    No kidding.
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    Dammit! you are right ^^^

    Dammit, they better do a press release or somthing
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    OK, so I'm a little confused. If HS sells the 600 tomorrow, can I just bring it in to a TMo store once I receive it to have it activated? It sounds as if HS, not TMo, will be selling the GSM phone monday, and TMo will be just "providing support for the HS 600" as of tomorrow. Can anyone shed some light on this?
    I'm worried about waiting to buy through TMo (some posts list late Nov. to purchase the 600 through TMo) due to the fact that HS now lists a 2-3 week waiting period on the Sprint version.
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    If HS sells it tomorrow, you will be able to buy a Tmo plan with it at the time of purchase. If you already have TMO, all you have todo is put your sim in it.

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    Thanks for the info. My wife is a TMo subscriber but not me. Should I still be able to pop by a TMo store and have it activated for myself?
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    You shouldn't need to. If you're not a T-Mobile subscriber, order the Treo 600 with a T-Mobile plan and it should come with an activated SIM. If you are a T-Mobile subscriber, order a Treo 600 without a T-Mobile plan, just pop in your SIM when you get it and you're ready to go. Neither requires going to a T-Mobile store.

    If you don't have a T-Mobile plan, there's little reason to order a T-Mobile Treo 600 without a service plan -- you'll probably pay more for the device, and you'll still have to get a plan anyway.
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    As I said, I DON'T have a plan. My point is that according to some posts in this thread, TMo won't begin offering the phone themselves until late November but WILL OFFER support for the 600 begining tomorrow (I confirmed that myself with TMo support [3X's]). My rationale is that if I wait to buy the GSM version through TMo, I won't get it until December. If I buy it through HS (which seems to claim they'll offer the GSM TOMORROW), then can't I just take it to a TMo store and have it activated? At this point, I don't care if I spend a few bucks more.
    Sorry if I wasn't clear earlier.
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    You can go to a T-Mobile store, buy a SIM with a plan (or just take one of the free or cheap phones they offer new subscribers), put the SIM in the Treo 600 and it will work fine.
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    I just spoke with the CSR who handles our business phone accounts. Since we have several accounts, we have the same advisor and I happen to manage our accounts. According to him, tmo started "supporting" the 600 on this last Friday, Handspring will be selling them tomorrow, and Tmo will officially release them on the 22nd of November. He even mentioned, without prompting, that the rollback was moved back. I didn't ask why.
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    Thanks sharding. I think that's what I'll probably do. Then I just need to establish data service, right?
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    i highly recommend anyone who uses the treo 600 sign up for a unlimited data plan . the 600 gobbles up bytes at an alarming rate when accessing the web.
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    I was told the price would be likely $499.99 from T-Mobile. This price includes activation. If you get the Treo 600 without an activation directly from HandSpring, the price will be higher.
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    typing this on my 270 wishing it was a 600..... I just upgraded to unlimited Internet with tmo. The data services guy told me that they are going to be selling 600's nov 22. I asked him about handspring selling them tomorrow and he said he hasn't heard that, but that its possible. Guess we will see in the morning..
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