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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    Umm...if you didn't notice, that post was over a year old!
    Hey, now. It may be old, but it's still the same hardware!
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    First off, what is the date on this forum??? This thread showed up on the top of my search, although it is dated 1 year ago.

    Anyways, I let my 650 run dead yesterday, to where the phone turned off and the the PDA turned off and only restarted by removing the battery. I plugged it back in, figuring no harm done, as my 600 could sit for days too dead to fire up, and till keep its data, and the 650 should be even better with its new file system.

    Not so. I lost everything in Versamail (had to resync to get anything back), I lost all of my button assignments, I lost my registration data and passwords on my SplashData and Hobbyist software products, and I am still running across different little items missing. What did I do wrong? Is this a known bug?
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