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    this forum has helped me HUGELY already with other newbie questions; i'd be grateful for any input on this one too!!!

    i do not currently have a mobile phone; my T90 and i have been waiting on the release of the T600 in order to remedy that. i have decided to wait for the GSM T600 (IF IT EVER COMES OUT!), as its distinguishing features suit me better than the CDMA version.

    now: my understanding is that if i purchase my GSM T600 and a service plan from TMo/Cingular/AT&T simultaneously, I will most likely get a unit that will be "locked" to accept only my chosen provider's SIM cards. as one of the biggest draws of the GSM version for me is its flexibility on the GSM network(s), this would be a deal-breaker. i was hoping i could get some suggestions on how to approach this issue -

    1) do i purchase my GSM T600 with service from one of the above providers, and cross my fingers that i can get it unlocked later?
    2) or do i purchase a phone/plan from one of them now, so that I can purchase the unlocked GSM T600 and swap the SIM in when i obtain it?

    any other suggestions...?

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE HELP Y'ALL'VE GIVEN ME SO FAR...hopefully this is the home stretch, and no more igg-ner-unt questions!!! lol
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    I also would like to know if anyone thinks a locked GSM can be unlocked. I believe number portability will increase our choices, but if our new baby T600 is are we!
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    It should be easy to get it unlocked with T-Mobile. I've had a Sony Ericsson T68i, T-Mobile PocketPC Phone Edition, and Treo 270 unlocked by sending an email to with the units IMEI number. After a few days they send you back an unlock code. There might be a restriction for new accounts to wait a certain period of time (I think 3 months) but in general it's very easy to get. By contrast AT&T will absolutely refuse to unlock a phone. That's why I don't have service with them (also no unlimited data plans).
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    having to pay $29 for 10MB data service w/ AT&T versus $19.99 for unlimited at T-Mo is another good reason.

    AT&T is shooting itself in the foot IMHO.
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    Why does unlocking matter in your situation? Personally, I will get a t-mobile version when it comes out and unlock it after that.

    If you go with t-mobile you can get a nationwide plan (like I do) and you roam free. I used to be on ATT and payed upwards of $400 a month consistantly!!! I bought a $99 nation-wise plan from t-mobile, and all calls are free up to 5000 mins for me no matter where I call in the US. No roaming charges,no long distance, nothing!

    I saw the european rates on thier website too and the are not half bad. So I can roam there too if I choose too.

    I wouldn't stress the unlocked thing unless you are a avid traveler and need multiple sims. Even in that case you can unlock after you get your phone.
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    you guys rock. this is exactly the stuff that i needed to know!!!

    (farzonalmaneih - the only reason that the unlocking thing would have mattered to me - in my dismal phonelessness - lol! - would be in the capacity that i would NOT have been able to unlock it later for use with other providers - esp. in the event of travel abroad. that option is one of the biggest factors that pushed into the GSM camp. not having much mobile experience now, i just wasn't certain that a phone locked to a provider could BE unlocked later, for certain - v. important to me!)

    thanks for all the great feedback!!!
    'relax. i'm not really like this - except when i am.'

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