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    My office phone system will provide offsite notification by email with a WAV file attached of the voice message. I am currently using SnapperMail. The attachment comes through fine, but I can not seem to play it. I have tried to save to SD card and play through PTunes. It does not work. Any suggestions. Ideally, I would like to be able to click on email attachment directly from Snappermail and play.
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    I have several wavs that I transferred over via card reader, and they play with P-Tunes. As far as SM support, Pocket Tunes would have to be updated to allow for the handoff.
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    I have learned that the .wav file I was trying to play is a compressed wav file and Ptunes currently supports only "uncompressed" .wav files. Anyone know of any other players that will handle a "compressed" .wav file?

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