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    Ok...this might be a stupid question, but how does one upgrade the PRL on the Treo 600?

    I ask because customer service is not helping. One time I dialed *2 and told Claire that I needed help with "PRL Update" and I got switched to a representative. The representative told me to simply say "PRL Upgrade" when Claire asks what I need help with and that just routes me back to a Customer Solutions person again. Then that person said that Customer Service has never done PRL updates (which I am pretty sure is not true) and that I need to simply dial *2 without pressing talk or dial and it should upgrade...which as we all know will do absolutely nothing.

    Thanks for the help,
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    Dialing *2 will update your PRL but only after a CS rep flags your account for it. I dont work there so I dont know the whole procedure but I just did it about 30min ago for my phone and it went like this.
    1. Dial *2 when claire asks for English/Spanish: select english
    2. Claire asks what you want: I said "PRL Update"
    3. CS Rep picks up after about a min
    4. I told him I want the PRL update
    5. He says to wait a min on the line while he flags my account.
    6. After a min he says to hang up and dial *2 again.
    7. I hang up and dial *2 again and select English
    8. instead of asking what i wanted this time claire says that my phone needs to be updated and to stay on the line until it is completed. That took about 40 seconds then it tells you it is complete and I ended the call which then made my phone restart and that was it. I checked the version and had the newest PRL.

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