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    The problem with all of the desktop based spam solutions is they won't help when you go on the road.

    I have been using SpamKiller which did help a bit, but I had no way to review what it was calling spam...and risked missing an important email.

    So, I'm looking around yesterday and find Spam Interceptor

    It's a remote spam filter and authentication service that seems to work very nicely. Best part is I can configure and review their web based software while still being able to download my email into Snappermail.

    I have no interest in the company other than I paid the $10 to get the upgraded service (basic is free).

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    I use PrismEmail - another server side filter. I've been using it with SnapperMail for the last 6 months or so. No more spam no matter where I am. I love it!
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    Originally posted by kschoenberg
    So, I'm looking around yesterday and find Spam Interceptor
    Interestingly, I posted to a mailing list the other day and got an automated SPAM from someone using asking me to click a link or some other crap.

    Here is the text:
    Thank you for your writing. I am running Spam Interceptor software to eliminate junk email and it is currently holding your message. If you could visit the following web site and follow the instructions - Spam Interceptor will let me read what you have written.
    So what does is eliminate spam for the user, but gives it to everyone else. How nice.
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    Thanks. This is great and I have signed up for the free account. My biggest problem with checking mail on the treo is wading through all the spam my email client on my laptop filters out. It seems the main way si20 filters spam is using spam assassin not sending authentication emails to those who send you an email for the first time. The authentication feature can be turned off, which I have done, because I agree it would be annoying to those sending me e-mail.
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    I am awaiting the roo out of the gsm T600 on AT&T. in the mean time, I am getting a **** load of spam texted to my cell phone.
    (Not e-mailed, texted) anybody know a way to halt this? If I've got to wade through e-mail spam and texted spam this is gonna ruin the usability of some parts of the device.
    Any thoughts?
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    I use disposable email addresses from It's free.

    I don't worry about my disposable email addresses being used by spammers. After the address is used 1-20 times (you set the limit), the remaining emails to that addresses are automatically deleted.
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    yeah but the span is coming in through text messaging not the cell phone e-mail.
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    Originally posted by cque
    yeah but the span is coming in through text messaging not the cell phone e-mail.
    Agreed. Sounds like a problem which will only get worse.
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    Any of you using having trouble this evening? Snapper isn't downloading from them all of a sudden.

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