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    Hi Everyone,

    While traveling this week through a part of Wisconsin that never had a signal while using my T300 on Sprint, I found that I had a roaming signal. According to sprint customer service, the CDMA T600 is a single band phone, that now has the ability to digitally roam. I think this is great, but wanted to remind everyone that they might start to see some roaming charges on thier bill (as a T300 user I hadnt seen roaming charges in a long time). You might want to consider changing your plan if you see that you are calling in roam mode a lot. I got lulled into a false sense of security wih the T300 not being able to roam......

    Anyone know if what I said is actually correct? Customer service dude didnt sound real sure of himself.......

  2. purpleY
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    the t600 can use two digital bands, therefore can now roam on verizon etc, you can turn off roaming on your phone though, it's just a preference

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