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    I am using Sprint Biz Connect.

    Is it possible to invite attendees to a meeting you have scheduled in your calender? Haven't figured this out yet.
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    I don't think so. You can accept meetings on the BC website ( but I haven't found a way to do it on the Treo
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    Jeers to Handspring then. Creating, accepting and declining meeting requests are used quite frequently. Not sure if I can live without it. Someone please provide hack or some solution before my 14 day trial period is up.
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    Don't knock Hanspring for that, it has nothing to do with them. Blame Sprint or the company that wrote their Biz Connect software (I think it's Seven). Anyway, there are many options out there for getting your Outlook data onto the Treo. Search the forums and you'll find a lot of recommendations such as Good and VersaMail.
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    I just had someone send me a meeting request. Biz Connect doesn't even forward it to the Treo 600!!!!!!

    Handspring worked closely with the software vendors on Biz Connect, so yes, I see it as a major undersight on their part!!!

    I am assuming that task requests probably don't work either.
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    Visto's software allows this - very nice. They're the folks that originally created TreoMail (and Handspring made a bunch of UI improvements).
    I've received meeting requests via Visto, accepted them, and they go automatically into the calendar. You can accept/decline/tentatively accept - all just like Outlook. The meeting sender receives your response as they would normally in Outlook.

    Very nice, I have to say...

    (and their push WORKS, which I could never get BC to do for me. Others have, but I'm not them; I'm me.)
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    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet. Can you create a new appointment in calender and invite attendees with Visto?
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    Does the Visto corporate client include POP3 access like the BC client does?
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    can't create new meeting requests, which is indeed a bit of a bummer. But you can't have everything in the world.

    POP3 - don't know off the top of my head - check the link above and it'll tell you fo sho...
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    so is there any application that will allow you to accept received requests, have them automatically put into your calendar, and allow you to create and send your own requests from the treo?
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    Itellisync has similar functionality to Visto. You can accept or decline, unable to create. I have used both at work.
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