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    I don't know if anyone else has had this problem, but I've noticed it ever since I got my Treo 600. I'll log into TreoCentral or SprintUsers to make a post or send a PM and I'll have to keep logging in at every step and then I won't be able to post at all. I'll log in like normal. Then when I chose to reply to a post it'll ask me to log in again. Then when I hit submit, it'll ask me to log in again and everything I've typed will be gone. It's almost as if Blazer isn't keeping cookies at all. But I checked the prefs and there are cookies in there. Anyone else have this problem or have an idea how to fix it?
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    I'm having the same problems. Any suggestions?
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    Could be cookie problems - delete your web cookies file. It is in RAm and can only be got at with a file manager app like Filez. I'll bet this solves the problem. I think the Sprint server filter on cookies may have caused a blockage for many poeple - deleting this file should be like rotorooter and get you moving again :-)

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