Obligatory review:

Ordered it from Handspring, got it before the (HS estimated) week elapsed, was kept abreast of order status (via email) during the interim, which resulted in a purchase experience that exceeded my expectations. Handspring rocks.

Opened the box, picked it up, weighs what feels like 10 V phone(s) I'm replacing, didn't initially care, plugged in the charger, indicator light turned green, called Sprint PCS, phone was activated (including Vision) before the call ended. Sprint PCS rocks.

Palm OS 5 and processor rock...makes my Clie seem annoyingly slow. Made a few calls, reception and call quality are awesome, battery life is acceptable, speaker phone rocks. Noticed some incoming alerts sporadically turning the display on, added "vicodin," "viagra" and "lose weight" filters at sprintpcs.com, much better. I start surfin', go to check out scores, Jeter's pic comes in, can't believe I'm doing it on a Palm.

I stick it in my pocket, straighten the tie, look at the mirror, then I see it, ask myself if I'm happy to see myself, or is that my new Treo 600? Putting the jacket on should conceal it, nope, still looks like I'm pocketing 2 packs of Dunhills, never used a holster, but gotta get it even though it'll look make it look like I'm packing heat...besides, its black...so I apologize to Vader for taking its physique for granted all this time. Even though size matters, for now, the Treo epitomizes almost everything I need, although...

...I've heard "Java this and Java that," enter Yahoo, log in, email works, cool, I'm getting psyched to play a little one deck, press Blackjack, the gamblin' itch reaches maximum level.....nothing...this blows. Grabbed bookmarks, started surfing, go to check accounts, looks like I'm reading my Dr.'s handwriting, peeped out my other favs...same chicken scratch...this also blows.

Please advise:

Anything I can download to enable Y! blackjack? More importantly, anything that'll enable one to view foreign sites?

Is it possible to take the essential native language elements of my Sony PEG-N700C (Jpn Palm OS) and somehow implement it into the Treo's OS (both the reading and writing capabilities)? Re-entering my contacts in Roman characters is not only going to blow, but will result in alphabetization that my brain isn't used to, not to mention the impossibility of a true sync. Although the Treo's disc and keyboard rock, I already have Grafitti withdrawal, and would be of paramount importance if I were to gain the ability to enter native characters. Thanks.