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    I'm trying to free up room on my new Treo 600 (already!) and am trying to move what I can to the SD card.

    I'm wondering if anyone's had success on the SD card with:
    -Documents/Word/Sheets To Go
    -SplashX (photo, shopper, etc.)

    So far I've had success with:
    -some games (Bejewled, chess games)
    -Mobile DB
    -Dictionary program

    I've had failure with:
    -Tube (a interactive map of NYC streets and public transit--it takes forever to load the maps into memory)

    -Zagat (database error) -- though I found a workaround of keeping spare city guides on SD and swapping them onto Treo if/when I travel to that city

    Thanks for the input!
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    In response to:
    I'm trying to free up room on my new Treo 600 (already!) and am trying to move what I can to the SD card.

    Hey Treo Theo~
    I was in the same boat needing memory freed up, so....
    I downloaded PowerRun 1.3 from and I'm very impressed. I have several larger apps (like QuickOffice Suite, TealMovie, FontBucket, StreetFinder) running off the SD disk with no problems. PowerRun offers a simple interface to move all apps back and forth as desired and seems to optimize launch-time from the card (expect 1-4 sec delays. shouldn't throw the day's schedule out of whack!).

    Between PowerRun and UninstallManager for OS5, managing apps just got a WHOLE lot easier

    Best of luck
    From the Desk Of....
    SF Bay~
    The Treo 650: Crisp & Clean, but the RAM is lean!
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    That souds like a great help.
    I'll look into both programs at PalmGear rather than barrage you with questions.

    However if you have any highlights re: what you like about them, or how they make the transfer easier than the "copy" command, feel free to comment further.
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    Power Run is one of the best utilities on expansion-enabled handhelds. I have over 40 MB of programs and data sitting on the card (not incl. multimedia files), and that leaves almost 15MB free in RAM. The only programs you shouldn't move are those that can run within other programs (eg, programs that can accept hand-offs from SnapperMail and Blazer), or those that have an "enable/disable" feature. (I like to leave wireless apps in RAM).

    PowerRun copies everything into RAM when you run an app, and then moves everything back when you're done. For a few seconds of delay upon launching, you can rid yourself of the problem of having to be selective about which programs stay on the Treo. For programs smaller than 200k, you'll barely even notice the delay.
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    You guys R gr8!!!

    Thanks so much for the tips, esp. PowerRun--you've just made my Treo so much more functional!!

    Everyone take note about this program.

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