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    I just upgraded from a T300 to a T600. My T300 was bulletproof and I never had a problem with it. My T600 has me wondering if I should have kept the T300. For some reason, my T600 keeps on dropping my Vision connection. It will work fine for a few hours, but will always lose the connection. The only way to recover is to reset the unit. This is just driving me nuts! I don't want to keep on resetting the thing two or three times a day, just so my email continues to flow in. What a hassle, especially since I have to remove my case each time. Has anyone has this problem? Anybody have any suggestions?

    Many thanks.

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    Sounds like a defective unit to me. I had tons of problems with service disconnect on my T300. This problem has evaporated after moving to the T600. It only disconnects after longs periods of idle time.

    One other thing to check would be to see if you have an app loaded that isn't completely OS5 compatible that has a feature where you can choose to stay connected or disconnect after each use. Many of the e-mail apps have this feature. My idea is that you've got an app that is supposed to stay connected, but it's not OS5 compatible. When you finish your "session", it whacks your data connection to the point that you have to reset your device (Actually, you can probably get away with going to PREFS, NETWORK and tapping the DISCONNECT and the RECONNECT).

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