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    Just wanted to show you all my first significant Pocket Tunes skin. The reason I say "significant" is because I think this is the first one that's actually looked pretty good... I've never messed with skinning/graphics before, so don't laugh too loud. Unfortunately, I don't have anywhere to post the actual .pdb file (Treocentral, understandably, won't let me attach it here), so I can only upload a picture of it. If anyone is interested in receiving the actual skin itself, respond to this post with your e-mail address and I'll send it to you. If you don't feel like leaving your address publicly, just PM me and I'll send it. Also, I'd like to know what you think of it after you use it. It may encourage me to make more (or it may send me home crying like a little girl). I may eventually try to put a web site together if I get feedback to make enough skins...

    I almost forgot... BIG THANKS to PABLOSBRAIN for posting his "pre-pdb" files so others could learn how to make these things. It's turning out to be a lot of fun!!
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    Thanks for sending it so quickly!

    I like it a lot. Good job!

    I especially like that it displays the kbps. That's the first one I've seen other than the included one that has that.
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    Hi...Please sebd your skin to
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    Looks good--post the pdb version!!
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    As stated in my first post, Treocentral won't let you post .pdb files (at least it's not letting me). It probably has to do with worries about copyright issues, but that doesn't explain why they let you upload .prc files. I'm not sure what the problem is. Just send me a private message and I'll e-mail it to you...
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    Thats cool!

    I can do graphics....but how does one go about implementing those into a skin?

    Here is a quick photoshop of one I did...i think it be a pretty nice pocket tunes skin
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    nice job on the skin design! i've been hoping to find a simple and elegant (yes, ipod-like) design.

    actually creating the pdb involves editing a large XML file and then running a compiler, provided by the pTunes people on their site. it's somewhat complex, but not impossible.

    if you would like some assistance, let me know. i'm a web developer with XML experience, so i should be able to muddle through it. i would need a PSD file containing all the elements, including the "on" states for the buttons.

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    Thanks for all the positive feedback. I'll try working on one or two more this weekend and possibly try to create a quick website. I'll post the address here if I get a chance to create it...

    As far as creating skins goes, it's really not as difficult as I thought. It does take a little guesswork the first time, but once you've created one (my first one wasn't very impressive at all), it gets a lot easier to figure out. Go to the Pocket Tunes web site and look for info on creating your own skins. They have their default skin in "pre-compiled" format so you can look at how they've created it. Their default skin is Hi-Res, so you can't use the exact same formatting, but the idea is still the same.

    Feel free to contact me if you want some help creating skins. I'd be more than happy to pass on my (somewhat limited) knowledge. Good luck!!
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    Pablosbrain was nice enough to agree to host my .pdb file until I get a web site running. The link is Thanks PB! I'll post more when I get a chance...
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    I was hoping this had something to do with someone taking pictures with the Treo 600 haha
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    Originally posted by hall316
    I was hoping this had something to do with someone taking pictures with the Treo 600 haha
    Too funny!
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    So is designing a ptunes skin just a matter of putting together the entire interface in photoshop and then slicing up active areas with the XML?

    I ask because IMHO - I can DESIGN great looking stuff (and would like to) but I'd have no idea how to do the mechanical bits.
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    derek985 & isayx3 & whoeverelse:
    Its quite easy to put together the skin actually. You nailed it on the head derek985. You design a screen that has all the buttons and graphics on it in "unpressed" mode and without the sliders or text visible. this becomes your background or main screen.bmp as can be seen in any of my examples (

    Next you create the rollover images for when you press a button. Using photoshop slices is great for this, except that you then have to convert the output images to BMP files.

    Next you just edit the XML file with notepad or some text editor and point the various pieces to the correct images... and then also enter the X,Y position and sometimes Width & Height of the images and active areas.

    Save the XML file and use the compile tool for whatever platform your using and your done!

    Its more time consuming than difficult. Email me if you have any more questions about it.

    By the way, isayx3, nice skin design! Can't wait to try it out. I'm probably gonna go back and refine some of mine a bit more when I get time.
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    Also... for those of you that don't own or can't afford photoshop you can try using GIMP ( It has all the functionality you would need to create the skins as well. Of course you can also use other programs like windows paint or whatever other graphics program can output BMP files.
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    here is a link to the first 2 skins that I designed for p-tunes if anyone wants them...
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    Has anyone contacted p-tunes to see if they'd be willing to put up a special Treo600 section to their skins library as a central place for all of these new skins? It might be worth looking into.

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    Originally posted by scottfi
    Has anyone contacted p-tunes to see if they'd be willing to put up a special Treo600 section to their skins library as a central place for all of these new skins? It might be worth looking into.

    I've sent them an email if they were going to post updated documentation (the current tools are for v1) and haven't heard anything back.
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    the color depth of the treo is a real bummer...simple colors like grey are very dithered looking :/

    this skin thing is going to take some fine tuning. I loaded the skin im working on as a jpg on the treo and it looks bleh
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    That dithering is probably more an effect of your JPG viewer on the Treo. When the skin is in actual use it looks much better than any JPG that is viewed. There is still a wierd pixeling effect that is seen but oh well.
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    Thanks for the skins, d00ders. Y'all rock!
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