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    After many months of flawless Sprint Business Connect service using our Lotus Notes (Domino) server, I get a voice message and email from Sprint - You MUST upgrade to the latest Palm client and Windows client by October 22.

    So I do it, and now I get fatal errors on my 300 regularly... about 4 times daily. Also, the Sync preferences is now buggy. It trys to sync even when you tell it not to in the preferences.

    Clearly this is not a step forward, its two steps back. Come on, Sprint, ever heard the terms "alpha test, beta test" ?.

    If anyone has suggestions I am all ears. Otherwise, be forwarned about the "upgrade" to Business Connect. Sprint strikes again.
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    Prospero - There are a few other threads around Domino and the upgrade on the boards so maybe some collaboration will help.

    Some questions if you would lke some help...

    1. What version of Domino?

    2. What are your exact sync settings on the device?

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