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    Hello All,

    I did a bit of searching on this site and a few other forums, and I think VERY few folks use the Business Connection Personal Edition. If you use BCPE, please state what configuration you use it under (e.g. IMAP over SSL, POP, POP over SSL, etc)? Or, does everyone use Snapper Mail? I sure would like the push email functionality.

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    I think quite a few people are using BCPE if you read the Communications Software forum. I'm one of them. I use it to access my Exchange server at work and a personal account. They're having some trouble lately pushing mail out as it should, but for the most part I'm pretty happy with the client. The biggest complain that I have is that it doesn't notify you of new mail unless you're actually in the program. Sprint's supposed to be aware of these issues and working to fix it. Exactly when is another story as is always the case with Sprint.
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    Hello Spiffy,

    I can't belive I missed that, I searched Google, and yet I missed a local forum. Looks like LOTS of folks, have my problem Oh, boy.... I think I'll just use Snapper with some SMS notification until the next version comes out. Thanks though....

    For those looking for it....

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    I definitely use it, have been pleased with the upgrade. I have seen push coming slowly, but not that much since I sync every 15 minutes anyway. Also I love using the Web access on a PC browser.

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