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  1.    #1 happened. The funny thing is these things never happen to me because I am usually much too careful. I keep my T600 in the cheap slip case, usually in my back pocket. Someone asked me a technical question about something pertaining to work....I reached for my back pocket.....grabbed the T600 but not the slip case...and.....IT WENT FLYING.

    It must have flown 3 or 4 feet........crack....roll....smash.....I almost cried. I havnt even had the thing for a week!!! The floors at work are industrial concrete..Hospital...Hard as heck.Everyone at work heard the loud smashing noise...looked at me...and was sure my new toy was broken.


    I am sure the T300 would have broke to pieces
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    I want a tether for my wrist like I had when I was a kid so I didn't lose my mittens.

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