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    Have been suing snappermail with my treo for a week and recieveing email but today i have been getting a error messaeg on the log.

    SMTP Rcpt to: command failed : 530 5.7.1 relaying not allowed:

    Anyone have a clue what this means. I cant get my email.

    I ahve been using snappermail for over a year ( with digital link) and no problems.

    Thank you in advance
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    That's actually a SMTP error. The provider you are trying to send your mail through doesn't like the idea of you sending a message from outside of their network.

    Do you have a message waiting in your outbox? If so, delete it and try again & I'll bet you'll receive mail.
    Then talk to the ISP providing the mail account about authorization to send mail from the sprintpcs network.

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