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    Here it is...

    I bought it becuase it was the sexiest thing ever to hold my 30 gig ipod PERFECTLY (I have had 7 different cases, this is BY FAR the best for iPod) and i recently tried it for my t600 and.... whala..... it is perfect!

    I love it because the belt clip has it's fulcrum at the very top of the case and (unlike the case that comes with the ipod) doesn't have the hinge for the clip in the middle of the clip.

    the only possible downside is that is has the clear openings on the back for the ipod... i wish they would make it identical to this with leather all around.. (However, I like this becuase you can even use the phone through it (as the ipod wheel is in the same place as the directional pad)

    it even has a hole for syncing (although not for heaset)

    in short... this one is the best so far.

    I think that this is a link to it...

    DLO Podfolio Leather

    I Got it at compusa:

    COMPUSA item number: 306792
    description on reciept: NETA IPOD LEATHER $29.99
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    It even stays in WELL upside down
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    I actually like the one that Handspring offers. I've been using since last Friday and have found it to work very well.

    I have the regular one that covers the entire front...not the side saddle one...although, the clip can rotate so the Treo sits on its side.

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    If you are having trouble with the link, let me know.... some people have asked for help.
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    Damn! Did you take those pics with another Treo 600 camera?
    Those are horrible!

    Seriously, I like everything about the case except that part of it covers up the keyboard a little too much.

    Thanks for posting.

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    No offence mate, but it does look like a bit of a half-baked set up. Clearly the Ipod case is the right form factor for the Treo 600, but the cut outs and partial obscuring of the keyboard would rule that particular one out for me.

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    No thanks. As mentioned above, the obstruction of the screen and keyboard pretty much rule it out for me.

    I'm going to buy a cheap Belkin case and hold on to my $30 until more Treo-designed cases emerge.
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    What you ought to do is contact the makers of that ipod case and tell 'em that they would have a perfect Treo 600 case if they just modified it a little bit. They might be interested in adjusting the case (enlarging the plastic area to allow the entire keyboard to be used, adding/removing holes in the case elsewhere). I'm sure there'd be plenty of people interested in purchasing one.

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    What kills it for me is the clip. Those clips don't keep the unit on when you sit down.

    Sorry WeeBit. That case blows!!
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