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    Cingular (Treo 180 just broke, I'm no longer bound to a contract), to a Treo 600 with Sprint ?

    Is there something wrong with Sprint service ?

    Thanks. I've searched the forums but could find any definitive reasons at to why GSM is better than CDMA and vice versa.

    I'm now without a phone since mine broke, I'd prefer not to wait for the Cingular version unless there is a compelling reason to do so.

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    Jango Bear, is that you?

    My understanding is that the Battery life is a bit better on the GMS, but the Internet speed and signal range is better on CDMA. The only thing with Sprint is there customer service frontline can be dogs to deal with. You gotta bust in through the backdoor. Other than that, I've always had good coverage.
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    I have been happy with Sprint's Service, not to be confused with their "Customer Service" which has been the pits. Though I am sure that others will dissagree, Sprint has great service and some of the lowest price plans (feature for feature) in the industry.

    The Customer Care department needs some major improvements. I will say this though, you will love your 600. It is amazing.
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    To answer your question:

    Where do you live?

    Does 2 hours difference (cingular will have 1-2 hours more talk time) mean anything to you?
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    I live in SoCal, Irvine area. 1 or 2 more hours of talk time means nothing. I really don't receive that many calls. I'm a NetAdmin so inbound SMS is VERY important since many event notifications are sent to my phone.

    THANKS for the feedback.
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    Right now I send notifications to my cell phone.

    Can I do something like this with sprint, that is can I send event notification emails to a sprint address that will be relayed to my phone via SMS ?

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    The other thing to keep in mind (and I'm baffled as to why this never seems to come up as an issue) is that you are free from obligation right now. Why would you want to get yourself into another year or two-year contract with a company you aren't sure about when you can stay on a month-to-month basis with Cingular right now, and have the freedom of dropping them whenever you please if you ever have a problem?

    What happens if (and I'll admit this is unlikely, but still possible) a year into a two-year contract, Sprint decides to not support the next generation Treo, which you are lusting over? You'd have to buy out of your contract to get the new Treo with some other service.

    Plus, if you wait for the GSM Treo now, you get to keep your current phone number, so you don't have to inform everyone you know that it's changed, reprint business cards, etc.

    Believe me, I'm as anxious as anyone here to get my hands on a 600, but I'd much rather wait a while longer for the unlocked GSM than switch carriers at this point and get tied into a long-term contract.

    ...And besides, the silver one matches my Powerbook and my car so much better.
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    Release date for the GSM phone seems very shaky right now, not sure if it's in my best interest to wait 4-6 weeks or more before taking delivery of a new phone.

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