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    All of a sudden I am getting SMS's that are pure giberish. Any idea why?
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    Yeah, I am getting dozens of these
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    Did you ever use business connection?
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    Just kidding...
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    yes, I use biz con. why?
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    Those strange SMSs are related to BizConn - they are what the BC servers send to the treo to trigger a mail pull. I'm getting them, and I've disconnected my BC service. I think I can get them to go away (I have before), but I can't remember how, exactly...
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    Try re registering your mailbox.

    Biz Con is what does the gibberish.

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    if you want push to start working again, you can re-register.

    if you have removed the BC app from your treo, you should log in to BC, go to the "Account Settings" page, and click the "Edit" button under "Devices". you can delete the entry for your device, and you'll stop receiving these SMS triggers.

    or.. you could turn off your Windows client, if you don't use BC anymore.

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