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    The charger that came with my 600 whines badly when it's plugged in-- the standard annoying-as-all-fsck badly-behaved transformer noise.

    Anybody else? I'm using the charger from my 300 because I can't stand sleeping next to this thing.
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    Mine whines too but only when I don't have my 600 plugged in to it.
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    Funny... I just noticed last night my charger has a high pitch noise to it. Anyone else? Is it bad to use it to charge the treo with a high pitch noise? The noise is not super loud, you have to actually listen for it.
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    Yes! My wife made me move it from the bedroom because it was keeping her from sleeping. I've never had this problem before with any of the power supplies I've owned.

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    Yeppers on the whine.
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    yes, and if you call handspring to replace it they tell you to call Sprint. I bought it from HS!!!
    Sprint won't do anything cause they don't have any. To bad HS decided to go cheap on us. This guy should have come with that $30 cradle...
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    I disagree about the cradle. I would never use one if I had it, and I'd rather not have the extra cost bundled into the price.
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    Mine hums too.
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    I use the T300 charger, so that may be why I've never heard the whine.
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    But my 600 one is OK.

    Being paranoid, I checked with Handspring support and they assure me that the chargers are fine and pose no danger even if they make this little noise. It's a bit annoying though if you like to charge the phone in your bedroom.
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    Mine hums too. Drives me batty at times. Only happens when unplugged.
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    Originally posted by mwomwom
    It's a bit annoying though if you like to charge the phone in your bedroom.
    Whatever you want to call it, pal.
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    Yep, mine has that very high-pitched noise, too, and only when it is plugged into the wall without the Treo attached.

    Also, I occasionally hear interference through my radio or computer equipment from just the Treo alone. Anyone else hear this one? I wish I had a sound file for it as it is hard to describe, but it alomost sounds like the interference sound that my 270 occasionally made when it was doing a hotsync.
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    BTW, I wonder if I am hearing this interference at the times when the HS mail application is periodically checking for new mail...
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    My charger also whines. Has anyone tried a replacement or aftermarket charger to see if it also whines?

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