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    Does SNAPPERMAIL work with Biz Connect ? I am a heavy email user, and am just converting over from Blackberry. Is this something I should look further into?
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    I'm also a Blackberry convert... and still trying to understand/figure out the best email solution on T600.

    At this point, i'm using snappermail to get email on demand. I originally set it to get mail every minute and learned that doing that ties up the phone. Now, I just get on demand.

    I don't quite "get" Biz-connect yet. It seems to me that you have to install some software on your main PC and leave it running - then you can get access to your email via biz-connect and your computer. Strange.

    Most people are telling me that you use it to get access to enterprise mail servers like Exchange, Domino, etc.

    for just checking a POP address, Snappermail is the best I've found so far. I'm also curious about VistoMessage express which touts some strengths as well - but I haven't really tried it yet.

    one feature I'm looking for is the ability to (also) get my hotmail without going to a Web site...but haven't found it yet.

    Good luck. Maybe others will respond with more info...
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    Can you get email in html format with Snappermail ?
    I can't figure out how to do this with Sprint BC!

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    The biggest advantage of BC is its puch email feature which can trigger email downloads tirggered via sms alerts! However the service can be spotty as discussed in this thread. If you want more general info about BC, check out this thread...
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    back to JJenning's original question, "Does SNAPPERMAIL work with Biz Connect ?"

    BizConn and SnapperMail are basically 2 things that fill similar roles -- substitutes for each other. Which you want depends on your preferences; I've purchased both, but have settled on BizConn for a number of reasons.

    SnapperMail: for accessing POP accounts only (doesn't do IMAP or corporate mail). Nice usability. Has good support for attachments, but that costs extra I think. No pushing of emails to your Treo. Costs $35, or $45 for the secure version.

    BizConn: for accessing POP accounts, but also business email such as Lotus Domino or MSFT Exchange. If you're only accessing POP accounts, then you do _not_ have to leave your computer connected to the network. Will push emails to your Treo, though it sounds like that feature has been working out the kinks the past couple of days. Has basic attachment viewing included (transforms docs such as Word, PDF, .txt etc. into readable text). Costs nothing if you already have it as part of your Vision plan on Sprint, or otherwise $5/month. I think the first 2 months are free (and then you can cancel), so it can't hurt to try before you buy.

    Hope that helps, if you have other questions ask away, there are lots of users of all the email programs on this board....
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    WHy does BizCon require you to install it on your PC? I haven't done it yet - but I'm trying to figure out why it requires that before you can try it?

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    I guess b/c the assumption is that you might want to connect to your corporate email, which does require you to have the PC connected. But if you're accessing POP accounts only, then registering online is the only time you have to go to the PC.

    On the other hand, one of the unique features of BizConn is the fact that you can log in from a PC browser anywhere (doesn't have to be your computer, of course). That's very handy if you're accessing your corporate email/calendar/contacts/documents remotely. I still find it handy even for my POP accounts, since it means I only have to log in 1 place to get access to 2 POP accounts....
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    Zaud - Hortense forgot one of my favorite BC features and the reason you need the desktop piece... it's a double secret probation tunnel to get your corporate email without your IT department getting involved with you to provide a remote email solution. And you can get this email via the web or your favorite BC supported device.

    As long as you can normally surf via https on your PC then BC serves as the remote relay station for getting your internal email or documents if you like out through known and secure channels typically already blessed by the IT and security folks.

    Cost is a big factor... it's cheap if you have the vision plan which is a factor for folks.
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    I'm still confused.

    I installed the client and then connected. It required the PC client to be logged in, in order for me to connect the first time and generate the "encrypted key."

    I followed the setup and didn't choose a corporate server platform like Exchange, etc... because I don't have one.

    Now when I choose to "sync" - it says can't connect to coporate server.

    ...of course I don't have a corporate server... just my POP accounts - which I haven't set up anywhere yet.

    ...still very confused about this thing...

    ...any more help?
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    Ok, so I figured out how to add an account. That helped.

    I can see that if you're NOT using a corporate server, there's a whole chunk of functionality that you won't be using. I thought I was downloading the PERSONAL version of BC.... that didn't have that corporate messaging stuff.

    I guess it automatically deletes messages off the server.

    So... is the only advantage to BC then that it doesn't cost the $45 for the Snappermail applicaiton?

    I guess I'm hearing that the SMS notifications aren't working well - but why would I need that? Wouldn't I just be downloading mail like I would as if I was on my PC? What is the notification stuff for?

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    Do any of these email programs allow for reading emails sent as html on the Treo 600?

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    From what I can decipher - it seems that most of the email programs can interpret the HTML and strip out a lot of it - and adjust some so that the message is basically readable.

    I haven't heard of anything that can actually display the HTML the way Outlook or other robust email programs do.
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    Zaud - Ahh... you were in the POP only category I see... which means you do not get all the benefits of connecting to MS Exchange or Domino for example but they are still included. The BC software contains the whole solution in case you need it.

    For POP it will delete messages off the server if you delete the email from your device but syncing to your mailbox just grabs a copy of them.

    SMS alerts allows for more real time notification of emails and pulling them proactively after an SMS is sent to the device telling it to "wake up and poll you email". People who need this more aggressive email notification get this via the SMS alert mechanism. Also SMS alerts are used to alert the user independently if you set this up. There have been some SMS hiccups in the last few days but it appears things are getting better as new BC software was sent out this last weekend.

    There is another active thread either here or the Communications Forum about BC features. It all depends on what features you are looking for. Most BC users love the fact they can combine access to POP and their corporate email from the same interface and solution.

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