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    Can anyone recommend a good site to get quick access to headline news? My pager used to always have instant access to headline news, business news, ect.
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    try this:

    Also, here's the mobile yahoo home page FYI:

    Also, a great aggregator site is PDAPortal which has mobile formatted links to almost every news source there is! In addition checkout Handspring Treo 600 Portal as well as some others like the follwing:

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    Anyone know why the CNN news site is not accessible through the Handspring Treo 600 Portal and hasn't been for some time now?
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    E-Man, I noticed that too - when I try to visit, I get a note that says CNN no longer provides this service.
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    Let me know what you want and I'll add it to my site PDA site
    Treo 600 friendly website with Ringtones, Shoutcast Feeds and more...
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    You can now find CNN at:

    but I prefer BBC at:


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    also the onion, and reuters mobile.
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    We've added a brand new Information section over at Treo 600 Essentials - it contains a whole bunch of PDA friendly news sites. Come check it out!
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    We must share a common interest...

    To the subject at hand. There are so many and several good sites have already been mentioned. Personally, I love BBC. Here are a few more -

    Infospace -

    CNNtoGO by regions


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    There are a total of 95 news sites formatted for PDAs with descriptions and an unknown number yet to be classified at

    the web directory for pda and phone-enabled sites. over 1000 sites in the directory!

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