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    I've left my Treo on for most of the week without charging it, because I wanted to see how long the battery would last.

    Everymorning, I'd look at the little battery display and it would show 100%.

    This morning, it was showing 100% but then when I went to open a menu item, I got a message that I only had 30 secs of charge left, and did I want to shut down. I did in fact shut down.

    Why didn't my battery display update? Has anyone else had this problem?
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    Happened to me yesterday. Do a soft reset to fix the problem.
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    Weird, this just happened to me. Lame.
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    Mine sticks on 96% for silly long periods of time.
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    I posted about this last week but I guess no one was seeing it then.

    Yes the soft reset fixes it. Oddly though, i'm not seeing it happen much anymore.
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    Where do you go to see the battery left %??

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