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    found the nite-ize small universla cell phone case at microcenter last week for 9.99 it is great. it has a beltclip, velcro top flap with exposed corners for the antenna, it also has an opening at the bottom for the sync plug and earpiece. it is very high quality...oh and it also has a lot of little pockets for business cards, sd cards, money and also has seperate stylus and pen loops. until the vaja comes out' this is the best I've found. go to to see it.
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    I'm looking for a great case, too - I'll check it out.

    What's the "Vaja?"
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    URl is incorrect. It's (without the hyphen.)

    Thanks for the link though. Looks like a case I'd be interested in until I can get a nice plastic holster.

    I'm gonna run by my local Best Buy tonite and see if they have 'em in stock in their brick & mortar store.
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    That DOES look nice. Which size for the Treo 600, the small or the medium?
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    Cool. I especially like the iHolster Quick Draw...

    Wonder if they'll make one for the 600...
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    I have something quite similar to this for my T600 in the UK. The only problem with this type of case is that they all block / coverup the speaker and it's pretty much impossible to hear the Treo ringing even with the volume set to max. I must have missed 10 calls in the past couple of days alone and now I just keep the Treo in my breast pocket in my coat - I need to hear it !!
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    I like the look of that as well (I used the treo vinyl case for my 300). According to the information on the niteize site it holds a phone 3 1/8" wide though. It seems that the 600, at less than 2 1/2" wide, would be a pretty lose fit. Maybe the "card package" on the site is wrong (it lists the same width for the large size). Is it fit in pretty well?

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    I placed an order for a new case when I ordered the 600 - but since most accessories are so far back ordered, was able to cancel the case order.

    The Handspring case that I ordered for the old treo 300 works very well - the back packet can hold sd cards and the handsfree microphone.

    2 drawbacks - the earphone is on the bottom of the phone, not on the upper side like in the 300; if you close the case too tightly it'll pop the sd card out - which will be an issue with playing MP3's.

    It's good that a number of the old accessories are usable on the 600 - if only the sych cradle was like that.......
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    I have the small one w/o the weird flap/stand-it was 19.99. it fits as though it was made for the 600. make sure you get small as medium is way too big. as far as the volume and vibe go, the 600's vibe function is pretty weak so you'll never really feel it-volume wise, im a chef and I wear it at work in a busy kitchen and have yet to miss a call. any more questions? email me at
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    been lurking, saw this and had to post. I wrote a review of that nite-ize case and stuck it up on my website. I submitted it to another palm website but they never published it.
    my review of the NiteIze PDA holster

    Be gentle, I am not a journalist. Just found a product I really liked and decided to do the webpage.

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    Originally posted by Zaud
    What's the "Vaja?"
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    Originally posted by djs_tx
    been lurking, saw this and had to post. I wrote a review of that nite-ize case and stuck it up on my website. I submitted it to another palm website but they never published it.
    my review of the NiteIze PDA holster

    Be gentle, I am not a journalist. Just found a product I really liked and decided to do the webpage.

    Great review, I was looking at this product earlier today and it really helps to hear such a comprehensive review from an owner.
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    Got one today. Great case! One big problem: I cannot feel the vibrate at all with this case, so I guess this'll be a temporary solution.
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    I just picked up the NiteIze ClipCase (Small Phone) for my Treo 600 at my local Lowes Home Improvement Store of all places. The case was about $14.00. It fits the T600 snugly, the phone is easily accessible, secure and can hear the phone and feel the vibration reasonably well. As previous posters indicated it has an open bottom to allow for headset jack and charger. The clip is plastic, but seems very strong. The case also has an interior pocket that would allow for a SD card or two.

    This seems to be a good casual everyday holster. It is durable and seems to provide a lot of padding for the device. For the price I recommend it.

    For more info see here .
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    I just ordered the nite ize small universal clip-case from It looks like it's got good reviews, and I think it'll be a great case to go running with (I don't feel like getting my piel-frama all sweaty, and this case has pockets and loops for keeping my keys and headphones). It was only $10.76 with 10% off and free shipping (i think the coupon, gotten from fatwallet, was , but fatwallet seems to be down right now). Plus ebags has hassle-free returns where they'll refund even your shipping charges. No way to go wrong with this deal, if you can't find nite ize stocked anywhere near where you live.
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    This niteize case seems virtually identical to the case sold at Home Depot for about $9 (including cheapo maglight-wannabe AAA flashlight). Differences appear to be that the HD version has a metal (vs plastic) clip and has a belt pass through as well. The HD holds the Treo 600 like it was made for it and I have no problems removing the treo even with egrips - but it is a snug - not sloppy - fit. The only downside of the HD case is that it comes with dark blue trim - not ideal if you are using it in a business setting. Perhaps I'll buy another case and try some black dye......

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    Thanks all for the tips about Nite Ize....

    I just ordered my Nite Ize SMALL case from eBags... They seem pretty easy to deal with....

    Have you guys had any problems with the auto-answer feature with this case?

    Just wondering.... (even though I already ordered the case - why wait for $10 bucks)
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    Iím a happy owner of both the Home Depot ďWorkforceĒ cellphone/flashlight combo case ($9.00 at local Home Depot) and the Nite Ize Stand-Up Holster case ($19.99 @ local outdoor store). Both are the "Small" size. Iíve used both for about 4 weeks with my Treo 600 and both have strengths and weaknesses (but, not too many of either to keep this short). Hereís my quick take on both.

    Strengths of both cases (IMHO):
    +#1: Flap covers the top of Treo 600 which helps prevent the SD card from popping out (note: I havenít had this problem yet.)
    +#2: Both cases hold the phone securely. The Treo 600 fits a bit looser in the HD Workforce case as opposed to the Nite Ize case but this may be due to the material. The Nite Ize case is a nice tight fit. At first it would trigger the screen to turn on but it would go off within the 30 seconds I have set. The keyguard function prevents the phone from being activated.
    +#3: Both have a way to hook the case onto your belt and both can be a bit ďbulkyĒ but, then again what case isnít. The HD Workforce case has a ďslip onĒ type of metal connector while the Nite Ize case secures with a button (see their site: I have had the HD Workforce case slip off my belt while using the metal connector. The Nite Ize is on there for the duration!
    +#4: I find the Nite Ize case to be more padded than the HD Workforce case but, both offer okay protection. I still donít want to drop my Treo 600 from any height.

    Individual Strengths and Weaknesses of Nite Ize case (IMHO):
    +#1 1: The Nite Ize case has a strap for holding the phone outside of the case and can be used as a stand while in the office or in the car (put it in a cup holder). This is a nice touch. The HD Workforce case does not have this function.
    +#2: The Nite Ize case is black and has an opening at the bottom for the charging cable. However, there is a strap on the bottom of the phone which, holds the phone in place while in the case but, it blocks the headphone jack. Iím still working on a way around this problem without cutting the strap..
    - #1: The strap covering the headphone jack mentioned above. Itís not too bad.

    Individual Strength and Weaknesses (IMHO) of HD Case:
    +#1: It comes with a carabiner to hold the case on a belt loop or other object. Iíve used in on my backpack and it works great.
    -#1: Itís blue with a Workforce logo on it which some have mentioned doesnít look too professional. Removing the Workforce logo can solve this

    One final note. Iím happy with both cases as both have their strength and weakness but, the weaknesses are minor in comparison to other cases out there. I just use them in different situations.

    Of course these are my individual experiences YMMV and I hope to add to a positive and constructive review. Hopefully no flames will erupt.

    Cheers all.
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