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    Does anyone know how to use the docs to go viewer that was installed on the treo600 (the "Documents" icon)? It says that it can allows viewing of mail attachments. What mail program does it integrate with? Is it completely useless without the proper mail client? For instance, can it be used as a standalone document viewer? I tried to drag a word file to my SD card and launch the document program, but all i get is the screen telling me of it's email attachment capabilities.

    The Documents program, along with the associated sheet to go and word to go viewers, take up almost 1.5 MB of memory. Surely it must do something for those of us without business connect!
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    The icon on mine didn't do anything... I'm not sure what its for. I removed it along with the others and re installed it but no luck. It does the opening screen saying its from dataviz then it goes back out to the launcher.

    Anyone else have this problem?
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    It will open up when I open snappermail attachments, or go to a web site with a document to d/l

    It would be nice to be able to open up a document on the SD card, tho!

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