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    Ok so there are now a couple of GSM treo's on ebay

    these are the shady looking romanian version but offered from a us registrant with positive feeback.

    What is the chance that these are real final release versions and not some pre-release version that someone associated with Handspring got a hold of with buggy software, etc...
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    Well, whoever wins the auction ain't getting the phone until everybody else gets it.
    This is from the auction....
    "The phones are ready - just waiting on AT&T Wireless, Cingular Wireless, T-Mobile to say ship!!! (Expect these will be available to ship Oct 31st - will update the listing when exact date is decided) Please be flexible with the shipping and delivery. "
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    He says "Will ship immediately I receive from manufacturer, after receiving your payment. ". This is nothing but a pre-order.

    Heck we'll probably have them before him. Their were only 2 units ordered before ours at Ingram Micro.


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