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    Just curious.. Im considering a 600... just not sure if i want to go the GSM route for battery reasons, sO i am curious what CDMA owners have been experiencing with battery life???
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    The battery seems better than the 300 but you'll probably still be able to run it down in two days if you're using it a lot (checking email, talking on the phone, surfing, etc.). Some people have said their batteries are running down fast, other people are seem to be having a good time.

    Basically, it remains to be seen.
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    So far the battery life seems pretty good. When I first activated the phone and was playing with the Internet functionallity I burnt through 50% in about 3 hours of usage. I am right now at 64% after pulling it from charger about 31 hours ago, and that included about 10 minutes of speaker phone usage, other phone calls, appointment inputs and two hotsyncs. Also probably about 30 minutes of Internet usage and some Verichat usage.

    I usually could only go about 3 days max with my Sanyo 5300 with Extended battery, so the Handspring is not forcing me to charge more than I did with my other phone.

    I think a lot of people are having such poor times right now because they are using it more than they realize since it is new and they are "playing" with it more than they would a regular phone or a device they have had for a while.
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    In standby , it went down 5% in 8 hours.
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    I talked a bit over 2 hours last night, went from 100 to 55%. I was on the speaker phone the entire time.

    Today, I talked 66 minutes, it went from 93 to 68%. I would say about 4-5 hours projected usage.

    I only get 2 bars the entire time.
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    A weird thing happened to me. I have been watching my battery for the last 3 days. I havent used the thing very much over the last couple of days, but I haven't put it on the charger either. It has been reading 100% charged the whole time, even this morning, but all of a sudden today, It freaked out, reset, and started giving me the EXTREMELY LOW BATTERY WARNING. I have been using the USB sync/charge cable from my T300, and when I plugged it in, it kept beeping the low battery warning and wouldn't charge even tho the lightning bolt showed next to the battery icon. I plugged it into the wall charger and it's ok now, but how can I trust the battery indicator? I would hate for that to happen when I'm on the road.
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    Based on my usage, the battery times seem to be in line with what HS advertises. I've been using the Treo heavily during my first week with in and i've been burning through the battery pretty good. Also, I'm in a crappy cell coverage area this week (1 bar) so I suspect the radio in my phone is having to work harder to acquire a signal.

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